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Fashion Photography Rate Card

Choosing 51 Design Studio for your next fashion photography shoot offers several compelling advantages:

Experienced Team

51 Design Studio boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in fashion photography. Their expertise ensures high-quality, creative, and visually striking images.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The studio is equipped with the latest photography gear and technology, enabling them to capture high-resolution images with exceptional clarity and detail.

Creative Vision

The studio is known for its innovative and artistic approach. They understand the nuances of fashion photography and can bring your vision to life with unique and compelling compositions.

Professional Retouching

51 Design Studio offers professional retouching services to enhance the final images, ensuring they meet industry standards and are ready for publication or marketing.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond photography, the studio provides a range of services including styling, makeup, and set design. This holistic approach ensures a cohesive and polished final product.

Client-Centric Approach

They prioritize client satisfaction and work closely with you throughout the shoot to ensure your needs and expectations are met.


Portfolio and Reputation

51 Design Studio has a strong portfolio showcasing successful projects with various clients, underscoring their reliability and excellence in fashion photography.


Choosing 51 Design Studio means opting for quality, creativity, and a seamless photography experience that will elevate your fashion brand.

Budget Fashion Photography
Studio/Location Shoot

LKR 35,000 (Minimum 15 outfits)

Additional outfit - LKR 1,500

FREE 4 Edited images per outfit

FREE Logo placing

If raw files is required - LKR 7,500 (on clients drive)

Social media cropping - 

Post 1080x1080 - up to 100 images - LKR 3,000

Story 1080x1920 - up to 100 images - LKR 3,000

Fashion Photography Hourly Rate

4 Hours - LKR 55,000 

Additional hour - LKR 12,500

Editing - LKR 250 per image

All raw files will be handed over to client after shoot. 

Budget Fashion Videography

LKR 1000 Per outfit

(Basic model showing of product video)

LKR 2000 Per outfit - Interactive video

LKR 500 Per outfit - Transition Video

Collection video (45 sec to 1min) - Price on request

Additional Chargers (based on shoot location)

Studio Chargers - LKR 10,000 (5 Hours includes hair and make up time)

Additional hours after 5 hrs - LKR 2,000


Color background - LKR 2,000

Transport for location shoots within Colombo - LKR 4,000

Outstation - LKR 150 per KM

Our Happy Clients

"51 Design Studio has always been a strength in our business growth, we have been working with them since 2019 and they have never failed to deliver quality. More over they make themselves a partner in the business by sharing their ideas to grow the business."

Akira Exclusive - Nugegoda

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