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A Good Headshot vs a Bad Headshot

It’s very easy to take a headshot that DOESN’T work for you. This typically happens when people under budget your headshot session. Here are the most common issues that people run into that lead to BAD headshots.

  • They under budget: yes, you can probably find someone to take your headshot for LKR 2,500 or so. You’ll NEVER get the results that you want at that price. At the LKR 2,500 price point, there’s NO WAY that the person is an actual photographer. They would never make enough money to pay for a studio, pay for insurance, pay taxes, pay for equipment, or pay for retouching. If they are bringing in a ton of volume, I still don’t buy it because they’ll never have TIME for education to improve their product, time for retouching, time to tailor each session to their customer, time to build a rapport with their customer and time to learn industry trends and keep up with what’s relevant. The mantra, “you get what you pay for” absolutely applies to photography.

  • They don’t pick the right photographer for them: picking an expensive photographer also does not always bring amazing results. You need to seriously examine their work to decide if how they photograph fits your personality and style. For instance: do you want bright colors, bright lights, dynamic posing, or so you want something more modern, clean, and slick? It would be best if you studied how your perspective photographer shoots. You need to seriously think about the application of your photos to determine what works best for you. Before each shoot, I have a consultation call to discuss all of these variables. If your photographer is not willing to do that, I’d be concerned.

  • They don’t prepare: a photographer can work magic with lighting, but we need a little bit of help. The clothes you bring to the shoot can truly make or break an image. You need to make sure your hair and makeup is solid if you’re not hiring professionals to do that job. Yes, we can fix hair and makeup in Photoshop, but we can’t undo bad hair and bad makeup without it looking fake and digital. 

A GOOD headshot happens when the following happens.

  • The client budgets appropriately and finds a photographer that fits their style

  • The photographer is able to guide the client on wardrobe, hair, and makeup

  • The client and photographer have great rapport and the images have extra energy to it because of that

  • The photographer understands industry trends and can create an image that is clean, modern and relevant.

  • The headshot has a useful application for the client. For instance, if the client is an executive of a company, it conveys professionalism, quality and power (if applicable to their leadership style) 

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