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When to use white plain background.

When it comes to product photography, online marketplaces such as Amazon prefer a uniform look with white background images. While this gives the photos an appealing aesthetic, there are several reasons why some sellers may not be fond of using pure white for their product photography.

If you want your item to be eye-catching, a white background isn’t the way to go. A colored or thematic backdrop for products like jewelry adds an extra flair that catches someone’s attention immediately. Even adding in minor effects such as shadows and props can have a huge impact on grabbing people’s interest. Increasing visual appeal with these simple techniques makes items more desirable than when presented on just a plain white canvas.

Moreover, photos can seem dull when shot against a pure white background. Items such as apparel, furniture, and electronics appear more vibrant if photographed on-location instead. Lookbook images provide dynamism to the photo by featuring stylized components that make it come alive for viewers—like telling them a story.

If you want to increase followers, expand your reach and boost engagement on social media with product posts, lifestyle shots are the way to go. Styled photos grab attention more easily than plain white background images – they look interesting and unique, so users will likely interact positively with them. White backgrounds work best in online stores, though keep those for when customers visit your shop.

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